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ModularArts is a brand of Dimensional Wall Surface that is used by designers and architects to incorporate unique, 3-Dimensional wall surfaces with impeccable detail to their interiors.

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Material analysis

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Traditional uses

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Emerging uses / trends

  • Designed for interior use only
  • Because modularArts are a designed with a system of repeated panels, there are no limitations of the job size

Finish and aesthetic qualities

  • All surfaces must be sealed with low-VOC Horizon Wall Sealer
  • modularArts can be painted with any interior paint
    • Flat paint should be used to maintain the seamless blending of the surface (airless spraying is recommended)
    • To enhance the contrast of the surface, whites and lighter colors are recommended


  • modularArts requires relatively low maintenance
  • If damage to the product does occur, repair is similar to drywall

Surface forms / shapes

  • Available designs provide high- and low-relief surfaces that are 1" maximum. A wide range of forms are available.

Cost analysis

  • Price / CuFt:
  • Price / SqFt:

Material properties

Primary structural use

  • modularArts is made of a system of seamless panels with interlocking joints that are reinforced with steel
    • Panel sizes are 32" x 32"

Material Composition

  • This product is made entirely of a cementitious, mineral composite that can capture pristine detail
  • modularArts wall surfaces are extremely hard, dense and flexible
  • The feel of the surface is ceramic-like; fine, smooth and rock hard
    • Is not made with any plastics, VOCs or urea-formaldehyde

Material performance

Dimensional and opening restriction

  • Comes in panels that are 32" x 32"
    • This square panel size was designed for the least amount of waste in off-cuts, easier handling and cheaper shipping
  • Depending on the design, modularArts weights between 1.5 and 4.2lbs per square foot
    • Slate tiles weigh between 6 and 9lbs per square foot, for comparison
  • All designs have a panel thickness of 1/4" to 1" maximum relief

Acoustic property

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Manufacturing process and assembly

  • modularArts Panels are joined on-site
  • Can be attached to many different walls and substrates
  • Woodworking tools are used to cut, trim and manipulate the panels to fit into any space
  • Adhesive and a flexible filler are used to seamlessly glue the panels together so they appear as one continuous surface

Environmental impact

  • Products are composed entirely of nontoxic material
  • Do not off-gas VOC's
  • Do not contain accelerators and retardants and does not release carcinogenic agents
  • modularArts offers a low-VOC installation kit
  • The manufacturing process now eliminates and recycles waste water


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Life Safety & Rating Standards

Fire Safety

  • The mineral composite used in modularArts is known for its outstanding fire properties
  • The product is not made with formaldehyde and is noncombustible
    • Wall surfaces are greatly exposed to potential fire hazards so it is important that they be fire safe
  • modularArts are not intended to replace the code requirements of drywall as a fire barrier
    • Panels must be installed over existing fire walls

Flammability rating

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Coefficient of friction

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modularArts website -


Student contributions

  • Kate Krall, Spring 2010

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